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About Us

About Us

We know that the decision to embark on orthodontic treatment is a significant one that merits careful consideration. Our team is devoted to providing you comprehensive, efficient, and completely personalized care so as to simplify your life and make sure your experience with us is a positive, comfortable, and enriching one.

It is our pleasure and pride to welcome you to our clinic. FACE & PROFIL stands apart for its warm and friendly atmosphere, its leading-edge treatments, and its application of the most up-to-date best practices in the field of orthodontics. And even more importantly for you is what our team brings in professionalism, dedication and commitment.

« We want you to feel you are in good hands. This is what guides our every action. »

Dr. Broula Jamal holds a Doctor of Dental Medicine and a specialization in Orthodontics. She has earned numerous awards for clinical excellence as well as for her extensive involvement in her profession. She has a number of years’ experience in private practice, as does her surrounding team of professionals.

The impressive professional backgrounds of our team are further backed by sound judgement, an ability to carefully evaluate our clients’ needs and clearly explain our treatments, and a delivery of care that adheres to current best practices.

Moreover, we have acquired a deeper understanding of the importance body image can have in a person’s life, particularly as it relates to the face. We understand and respect the profound meaning our clients attribute to their smile, and as a team, we are wholeheartedly devoted to providing kind, professional, and highly personalized care.